Central Coast Leagues Club is committed to and actively practices Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). Our service staff have been trained in responsible practices which aim to minimise negative social impact of alcohol consumption and ensure alcohol is enjoyed in a responsible manner at Central Coast Leagues Club.


Minors, or under 18’s, are permitted to enter and remain in the Club in line with the following conditions. Minors must:

  • remain in the company and immediate presence of a responsible adult, such as a parent or guardian or another person who is standing in as a parent;
  • under NO circumstance possess, consume or attempt to purchase any form of alcoholic beverage;
  • adhere to Club signage regarding restricted areas; and
  • leave the Club when the Member does and no later than 21:00.

Minors are not permitted to enter or remain in bar areas of the Club unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult and must not approach bars, use or operate gaming machines on Club premises.

Upon a responsible adult entering the Club with a Minor, it is clearly understood and acknowledged both will comply with the foregoing conditions of entry at all times which underpins the Clubs strict policy on minors and the absolute restriction on the service, supply and consumption of alcohol to minors.

It is also understood that if any of these conditions are not adhered to, Club staff reserve the right to ask the Minor and the responsible adult to leave the premises immediately and will contact Police to report the incident.  


The Club is committed to providing safe, socially responsible and supportive environment where the potential harm associated with gambling is minimised. Central Coast Leagues Club is a member of ClubSAFE; a program providing expert services to mitigate problem gambling.


Central Coast Leagues Club is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy and keeping you informed of our privacy policy.