Meet The Man Behind Kendall’s

A new bar and dining experience is set to take Gosford by storm!

Hear from Bar Manager, Josh, on what inspires him and Kendall’s in their pursuit to provide the Central Coast with a unique and ambient offering.

Q: Where did you begin your career and how did it lead you to become bar manager of Kendall’s?
A: As a passionate traveler I was always very dynamic with what I chose to do. As long as I am being creative I am happy. First time I jumped behind a bar was when I was 19 in a little Perth side pub. Beer after beer kind of place. I got hooked on the social dynamics side of bartending. Watching people interact, reading body language and engaging with people face to face was fascinating to me. I worked on and off until around 5 years ago when I decided to do it full time. From there I went to Canada,  where I started getting inspired by the North American craft cocktail scene. After Canada, I worked in a bunch of different cocktail bars and then I moved back to  Australia, where I was in the market for more career evolution and a greater challenge.  Kendall’s was perfect for that.

Q: What is special about cocktails compared to regular drinks.
A: Cocktails are an experience. When a cocktail is made and served with passion – with a cocktail comes a story, a memorable engagement.

Q: What inspires your cocktails?
A: My drinks are inspired by many things. Mostly my inspiration comes from the customers that enjoy my drinks, in the same way a chef feels a sense of pride having his customers love their food.

Q: What can someone expect when visiting Kendall’s?
A: You can expect the feeling of being somewhere different for the night. A bar where you can expect a well-made handcrafted cocktail and some great cheese to boot! The idea behind Kendall’s is to create  an ambient bar with fantastic service and great drinks  that are unique and different from other bars in the  area.

Q: Fresh ingredients are unique to Kendall’s, how do you design and procure these for the drinks?
A: Fresh ingredients are so important when making cocktails. Many of the top cocktail bars in the area know this as well. In Kendall’s we will have a focus on making most of our ingredients from scratch.  House-made soda, syrups and shrubs, Bitters and freshly squeezed juice is all part of the prep work.  I love using native ingredients, there is a lot to forage in the local wild as well.

Q: What’s next? Where do you want to take Kendall’s?
A: To be fair it’s really exciting to be a part of a new venue in Gosford. I am stoked to help expand superior quality drinks in the area. We will take Kendall’s to the stars over the next twelve months working with the club to bring all kinds of events and promotions.