Peking Garden Chinese


Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant is open for takeaway, home delivery service and evening dine-in service. 

Takeaway will be available from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner with the option for home delivery in the local area.

Dine in is available Wednesday to Sunday and must be pre-booked. 

An institution amongst locals for over 30 years, Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant ticks all the right boxes when it comes to authentic Chinese cuisine. 

Take your pick from the range of moreish noodle dishes, or curb those hunger pangs with the mouth watering Mongolian lamb. Here you’ll find all the classics cooked to perfection.

Feeling thirsty? Grab a takeaway beverage from the Club’s takeaway drinks specials listed here. Takeaway drinks available Wednesday to Sunday, 5:30pm to 9:30pm. 


How do I place an order?
To place an order, please call (02) 4324 3788 during the takeaway hours listed. 

How do I collect my order?
Head to the Main Entry of the Club located on Dane Drive and confirm your name to the member of staff at the door. Your order will be delivered to you at this location. 

This order collection process is in place to mitigate any risks associated with unnecessary contact and to ensure social distancing practices are maintained. Parking is available on Dane Drive. 

Is there an option for home delivery?
Home delivery is available for residents within the local area for a fee of $5. 


Seafood Sang Choy Bow $17.80

Robert Chicken $18.50

Satay Combination $18.50

Fillet Steak $18.50

Chicken & Prawns $22.50

Pan-fried Fillet Steak with Fantail Prawns $23.50

King Prawns & Scallops with Spicy Salt $24.50

Pan-fried Fillet Steak with Fresh Asparagus $21.50

Stir-fried King Prawns & Scallops in Garlic Sauce $24.50

Rainbow Fillet Steak $19.50

Deep Fried Scallops with Lemon & Honey Sauce $24.50

Baked Pork Spare Ribs $18.50

Pan-fried Fillet Steak with Japanese Sauce $18.50

Fillet Steak with Garlic Sauce $18.50

Pan-fried Fillet Steak with Black Peppercorns $18.50

Sauteed Eye Fillet with Fresh Chilli $18.50

Sauteed Eye Fillet with Snow Peas $19.50

Sauteed Eye Fillet with XO Sauce $19.50

Stir-fried Eye Fillet or Chicken with Oyster Sauce $18.50

Stir-fried Eye Fillet or Chicken with Fresh Chilli $18.50

Teriyaki Beef $18.50

Short Soup $6.00

Sweet Corn with Chicken Soup $6.00

Sweet Corn with Crab Meat Soup $7.20

Sweet Corn with Bean Curd Soup $6.00

Hot & Sour Soup $6.50

Shredded Duck with Mushroom Soup $6.50

Seafood Bean Curd Soup $6.50

Cream of Seafood Soup $6.50

Sweet & Sour Fried Short Soup $22.50

Mini Spring Rolls $7.00

Vegetarian Spring Rolls $7.00

Dim Sims $7.00

Prawn Gow Chee $7.50

Combination Fried Platter $7.50

Sesame Prawn Toast $8.50

Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings $9.00

Fried Assorted Seafood Platter $8.50

Banana Chicken $8.50

Vegetarian Sang Choy Bow $10.00

Sang Choy Bow $12.00

Satay Chicken Skewers $14.50

Satay Prawn Skewers $17.00

Prawn Cutlets $17.00

Three Storey Prawns $17.00

Pan-fried Calamari with Fresh Chilli $16.80

Pan-fried Calamari with Ginger & Shallots $16.80

Pan-fried Calamari with Spicy Pepper & Salt $16.80 

Pan-fried Calamari with Black Bean Sauce $16.80

Pan-fried Ling Fillet with Spicy Salt $18.50

Pan-fried Ling Fillet with Sweet Chilli Sauce $18.50

Pan-fried Ling Fillet with Sweet Corn Sauce $18.50

Pan-fried Ling Fillet with Pineapple Sauce $18.50

Stir-fried Ling Fillet with Snow Peas $19.50

Pan-fried Scallops with Ginger & Shallots $24.80

Pan-fried Scallops with Black Bean Sauce $24.80

Pan-fried Scallops with Garlic Sauce $24.80

Sauteed Scallops with XO Sauce $25.80

Sauteed Scallops with Spicy Salt & Pepper $25.80

Sauteed Scallops with Lemon Honey Sauce $25.80

Seafood in Birds Nest $26.80

King Prawns with Mandarin Sauce $22.50

King Prawns with Fresh Chilli $22.50

King Prawns with Garlic Sauce $22.50

King Prawns with Snow Peas $23.50

King Prawn with Walnuts $24.50

King Prawns with Honey $22.50

King Prawns with Satay Sauce $22.50

Pan-fried King Prawns with Garlic & Chilli Sauce $23.50

Pan-fried King Prawns with Spicy Sauce $23.50

Sautéed King Prawns with XO Sauce $23.50

Sweet & Sour Pork $16.20

Pork Fillet with Garlic Sauce $16.20

Pork Fillet with Fresh Chilli $16.20

Pork Spare Ribs with Chin Kian Vinegar $17.50

Pork Spare Ribs with Wine Sauce $17.50

Pork Spare Ribs with Plum Sauce $17.50

Pork Spare Ribs with Whole Black Bean $17.50

Pork Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce $17.50

Pork Spare Ribs Flamboyant $18.50

Braised Fillet of Beef with Black Bean Sauce $16.80

Braised Fillet of Beef with Oyster Sauce $16.80

Braised Fillet of Beef with Fresh Chilli $16.80

Satay Fillet of Beef $16.80

Pan-fried Fillet Steak with Garlic & Chilli $19.50

Fillet Steak Chinese Style $18.50

Fillet Steak with Honey Pepper Sauce $18.50

Stir-fried Lamb Fillet with Garlic Sauce $19.50

Stir-fried Lamb Fillet with Spicy Chilli Sauce $19.50

Mongolian Lamb $19.50

Golden Fried Crispy Skin Chicken $16.50

Braised Fillet of Chicken with Snow Peas $19.50

Braised Fillet of Chicken with Chinese Mushroom $17.50

Braised Fillet of Chicken with Cashew Nuts $19.50

Braised Fillet of Chicken with Walnuts $19.50

Fillet of Chicken with Honey $17.50

Fillet of Chicken with Satay Sauce $17.50

Pan-fried Chicken with Fresh Chilli $17.50

Pan-fried Fillet of Chicken with Garlic & Chilli $18.50

Picnic Chicken $18.50

Deep-fried Chicken with Lemon Honey Sauce $18.50

Deep-fried Chicken with Ginger & Shallots $18.50

Fillet of Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $18.50

Teriyaki Chicken $17.50

BBQ Roasted Duck $20.50

Peking Duck $50.00

Stir-fried Seasonal Greens $12.00

Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce $12.00

Pan-fried Bean Curd with Oyster Sauce $14.50

Pan-fried Bean Curd with Chinese Mushrooms $14.50

Stir-fried Snow Peas, Broccoli & Mushroom $15.50

Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Satay Sauce $13.00

Bean Curd with Spicy Sauce $14.00

Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables $12.00

Steamed Long Grain Rice Serving $3.20

Fried Rice Small $7.00

Fried Rice Large $10.00

Vegetarian Fried Rice $10.00

Shredded Beef with Lettuce Fried Rice $14.50

Special Combination Fried Rice $14.50

Special Combination Short Soup $17.50

Curry King Prawn & Rice $21.50

Singapore Spicy Noodles $16.50

Stir-fried Beef with Rice Noodles $15.50

Special Combination Fried Soft Noodles $17.50

Seafood Combination Fried Soft Noodles $22.50

Wednesday to Sunday
Dinner 5.30pm – 9:30pm

(02) 4324 3788