Archie’s Brasserie & Cafe


Say goodbye to hunger pangs and unsettled stomachs and relish in the excellent fare that has found its way into Archie’s.

Warm and inviting, Archie’s offers a friendly dining experience that welcomes the whole family with open arms.

From crispy pan-fried Tasmanian salmon to devilishly delicious chocolate brownies, the talented Chefs behind Archie’s have it all covered.

If you’re settling in for a long lunch, then the twice cooked pork belly is a must try. Dining on the run? Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to one of the weekly specials. They’re jam-packed with flavour and won’t tug on the purse strings.

And don’t forget to order an extra serve of waffles that you’re definitely not going to want to share.


Garlic Turkish Bread NM $6.5 | M $5.5 (V)
Grilled Turkish bread fingers with house garlic butter.

Herb Turkish Bread   NM $7.1 | M $6 (V)
Grilled Turkish bread fingers with zesty herb blendedbutter.

Bruschetta NM $14.1 | M $12 (V)(GFO)
Toasted sourdough topped with diced ripened tomatoes, Spanish onion, fresh basil & finished with a balsamic glaze, cracked pepper & olive oil.

Mixed Bread NM $15.3 | M $13 (V)
A mix of garlic bread, herb bread and bruschetta.

Garlic Tempura Prawns NM $16.5 | M $14
Garlic marinated prawns in an apple cider tempura batter, served with lime aioli & a mixed lettuce salad garnished with caper flowers & cucumber ribbons.

Char-Grilled Octopus NM $15.9 | M $13.5 (GF)
Slow braised octopus finished on the char-grill. Served on a roquette & char-grilled vegetable salad, finished with a balsamic glaze.

Wild Mushroom & Tarragon Arancini NM $13 | M $11
Housemade panko crumbed wild mushroom Arancini served on a fresh salsa verde.

Ham & Cheese Croquettes NM $12 | M $10.2
Hand rolled ham & cheese croquettes fried until golden, & paired with a tangy Dijon mayo & tomato relish.

Archie’s Salt & Pepper Squid NM $14.1 | M $12
Salt & mixed pepper squid fried to perfection & served with a sweet paprika aioli.

Satay Chicken NM $16 | M $13.6 (GF)
Grilled chicken tenders served on a bed of aromatic rice & finished with a spicy satay sauce.

Mixed Platter & Bruschetta NM $34.1 | M $29
Satay chicken tenders on aromatic rice, wild mushroom & tarragon arancini, ham & cheese croquettes, slice of bruschetta with dipping sauces & garnish salad.

Seafood Board for Two NM $36 | M $30.6
Tempura prawns, char-grilled octopus, salt & mixed pepper squid & dipping sauces served with garlic bread, lemon & salad.

Cheesy Garlic NM $13 | M $11 (V)(GFO)
House garlic butter base topped with our 3-cheese blend.

BruschettaNM $15 | M $12.7 (V)(GFO)
House garlic butter base topped with diced tomato, Spanish onion & shaved parmesan cheese, finished with balsamic glaze & olive oil.

Trio of Dips NM $15 | M $12.7 (V)(GFO)
House garlic butter base & our 3-cheese blend served with a trio of house made dips.

Supreme NM $22 | M $18.7 (GFO)
Archie’s tomato base topped with pepperoni, ham, salami, mushrooms, char-grilled capsicum, red onion, sliced olives & pineapple with our 3-cheese blend.

BBQ Meat Lovers NM $25 | M $21.2 (GFO)
House BBQ sauce base, ham, salami, bacon, ground beef, pepperoni & our 3-cheese blend.

PepperoniNM $19.4 | M $16.5 (GFO)
Archie’s tomato base topped with pepperoni, fresh basil & our 3-cheese blend.

BBQ Chicken NM $21.2 | M $18 (GFO)
House BBQ sauce base, grilled chicken, pineapple, bacon, red onion & our 3-cheese blend.

Chicken & Spinach NM $19.4 | M $16.5 (GFO)
Garlic base topped with grilled chicken, baby spinach, garlic mushrooms, red onion & our 3-cheese blend, topped with an aioli swirl.

VegetarianNM $19.4 | M $16.5 (V)(GFO)
Basil pesto base, char-grilled capsicum, garlic mushrooms, sliced olives, red onion, char-grilled eggplant, zucchini & our 3-cheese blend.

Ham & Pineapple NM $17.1 | M $14.5 (GFO)
Archie’s tomato base, ham, pineapple & our 3-cheese blend.

MargaritaNM $16 | M $13.6 (V)(GFO)
Archie’s tomato base, fresh seasoned tomatoes & our 3-cheese blend.

Chilli Prawn NM $25 | M $21.2 (GFO)
Archie’s tomato base, chilli marinated prawns, grilled capsicum, red onion, lemon & finished with rocket & olive oil.

Pork Belly NM $29.4 | M $25 (GF)
Burnt apple puree, puffed crackle, carrots two ways, smashed potatoes & red wine jus.

Crispy Skin Salmon NM $30.6 | M $26 (GF)
Smoked avocado puree, sautéed asparagus, mint citrus salad, chat potatoes & with crispy fried capers.

Lamb Rump NM $34.1 | M $29 (GF)
Lamb rump cooked to your liking then served with sweet potato mash, sautéed greens, parsley puree & red wine jus.

Beef Rib NM $29.4 | M $25 (GF)
Slow braised beef short rib served on a bed of roasted fennel, beetroot, smoked butter mash, pumpkin & finished with a sherry jus.

Chicken Supreme NM $29.4 | M $25 (GF)
Chicken supreme stuffed with creamy brie cheese & wrapped in prosciutto, served with a sweet potato mash, seasonal greens & hollandaise sauce.

Chicken Schnitzel NM $20 | M $17
Hand crumbed chicken breast schnitzel, golden fried with 2 sides & sauce.
Make it a Parmigiana? NM$5.9 | M $5

Beer Battered Fish Fillets   NM $21.2 | M $18
Beer battered flathead fillets served with lemon wedges & house tartare sauce with 2 sides.

Roast of the Day (GF)
Large NM $17.6 | M $15
Small NM $12 | M $10.2
Served with seasonal roasted vegetables & gravy.

Archie’s Leopard NM $17.6 | M $15
Archie’s house made freshly baked pie topped with mashed potato, mushy peas & gravy.

BBQ Ribs
Full Rack  NM $30.6 | M$26
Half Rack  NM $18.8 | M$16
Seasoned slow cooked rack of pork ribs lathered in our signature BBQ sauce & served with potato wedges & chipotle slaw.

Grilled Fish of the Day NM $23.5 | M $20 (GFO)
Served with lemon & house made tartare sauce with 2 sides & sauce.

Single Serve NM $16.5 | M $14
Enough for Two NM $22.4 | M $19
Share plater for
Four NM $30.6 | M $26
Guacamole NM $4.7 | M$4
Pulled pork, sour cream, corn chips, capsicum salsa, scallions & mozzarella.

Comes with an ice cream and topping of your choice.

Ham & Pineapple Pizza NM $14.1 | M $12 (GFO)
9” Archie’s tomato base, ham, pineapple & mozzarella cheese.

Cheese Pizza NM $14.1 | M $12 (GFO)
Archie’s tomato base & our 3-cheese blend.

Pasta Bolognese NM $14.1 | M $12
Home crafted bolognese served with spaghetti.

Battered Fish Fillets NM $14.1 | M $12
Battered fish served with chips & salad OR seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Nuggets NM $14.1 | M $12
Served with chips & salad.

Cheeseburger NM $14.1 | M $12 (GFO)
Milk bun, beef patty & cheese served with chips.

Bangers & Mash NM $14.1 | M $12
Two sausages on a buttery mashed potato with caramelised onion gravy.

Your pick of any two sides, mash, vegetables, salad or chips and a sauce of your choosing.

Select from Dianne, mushroom, pepper, gravy, béarnaise, hollandaise or Archie’s own house BBQ.

350g Rib On The Bone NM $34.1 | M $29 (GF)
300g Sirloin NM $25 | M $21.2 (GF)
250g Rump NM $22 | M $18.7 (GF)

Fried Egg NM $2 | M $1.7
Caramelised Onion NM $2 | M $1.7
Bacon NM $4.1 | M$3.5
Prawns NM $6 | M $5.1
Chips NM $6 | M $5.1
Veggie Chips NM $13 | M $11
Mash NM $4.1 | M $3.5
Side Salad   NM $5.9 | M$5
Roasted Vegetables NM $5.9 | M $5
Assorted Sauces NM $3.5 | M $3 (GF)
Gravy NM $2 | M $1.7 (GF)

Chicken Boscaiola NM $21.2 | M $18
Traditional fettucine boscaiola with tender chicken breast.

Lemon Butter Salmon Linguine NM $28.7 | M $24.4
Atlantic salmon, onion, garlic, capers, cherry tomatoes & baby spinach finished in a lemon butter & thyme sauce with linguine & parmesan cheese.

Garlic Prawn & Chorizo NM $22 | M $18.7
Sautéed garlic prawns & rendered chorizo tossed in a tomato red wine sauce with fettucine & shaved parmesan cheese.

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Risotto NM $19 | M $16.1 (GF)(V)
Creamy risotto with balsamic roasted beetroot, goats’ cheese, butter & shaved parmesan cheese, finished with roquette leaves & balsamic glaze.

Red Seafood Risotto NM $24 | M $20.4 (GF)
Sautéed prawns, calamari, baby octopus, Atlantic salmon & roasted tomatoes in a red wine & sage base.

Duck & Wild Mushroom Ravioli NM $24 | M $20.4
House made ravioli served with a rich creamy tarragon sauce.

Comes with a serve of chips.

The Archie’s Cheese NM $17.6 | M $15 (GFO)
Grilled Angus patty topped with burger cheese, house BBQ sauce served in a lightly toasted milkbun.

The Cheese & Bacon Beast   NM $23.5 | M $20 (GFO)
Two Angus patties stacked on a toasted milk bun with layers of crispy bacon & melted burger cheese in between, finished with mustard, pickles & aioli.

Hot & Spicy NM $18.8 | M $16
Grilled beef patty with cheese, bacon, crispy fried jalapenos chips, sour cream & redeye mayonnaise layered on a lightly toasted milk bun.

Crispy Chicken NM $17.1 | M $14.5
Crispy Southern fried chicken, slaw mix, cheese, tomato, topped with tomato relish & house aioli on a lightly toasted milk bun.

Grilled Chicken NM $17.6 | M $15 (GFO)
Marinated chicken breast grilled & served on top of cos lettuce, tomato, beetroot & pickles, sauced with our ranch dressing on a lightly toasted milk bun.

Reuben Sandwich NM $16 | M $13.6 (GFO)
Classic deli grilled sandwich with a twist on sourdough filled with corned beef, house made sauerkraut, Russian dressing & melted Swiss cheese.

Club Sandwich
NM $19.4 | M $16.5
3-tiered toasted sourdough tower supported by fried chicken, bacon, cos lettuce, tomato & seeded mustard mayonnaise.

Steak Sandwich NM $21.2 | M $18 (GFO)
Char-grilled grain fed scotch fillet, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, beetroot relish & mustard aioli.

Fried Egg NM $2 | M $1.7
BaconNM $3 | M $2.5
Double the Patties NM $7.1 | M $6
Cheese NM $2 | M $1.7
Pineapple NM $2 | M $1.7
The Works NM $8.2 | M $7

Caesar Salad NM $16 | M $13.6 (V)(GFO)
Cos lettuce, bacon, parmesan baked croutons, egg & shaved parmesan cheese tossed in Archie’s Caesar dressing.

Octopus Salad NM $20 | M $17 (GF)
Char-grilled octopus served on a bed of tossed greens & balsamic dressing.

Asian Salad NM $16 | M $13.6 (V)(VG)(GFO)
Mixed greens, bean shoots, cucumber, Spanish onion, nuts & crispy noodles with an Asian style dressing.

Ranch Salad NM $19.4 | M $16.5
Crispy fried chicken strips tossed with shredded cos lettuce, cherry tomato, shredded tasty cheese, croutons & crispy bacon, drizzled with our house ranch style dressing.

Garden Salad  NM $12 | M $10.2 (V)(VG)(GFO)
Mixed lettuce tossed with cucumber, carrot, tomato, Spanish onion, capsicum & our signature salad dressing.

Vitality Salad NM $18 | M $15.3 (V)(VG)(GFO)
Toasted nuts & seeds tossed with mixed lettuce, cucumber, croutons, crispy roasted quinoa & a refreshing salsa verde dressing.

Avocado NM $4.1 | M $3.5
Smoked Salmon NM $6 | M $5.1
Grilled Chicken NM $5.1 | M $4.3
Prawns NM $6 | M$5.1
Halloumi NM $5.1 | M $4.3
Salt & Pepper Squid NM $5.1 | M $4.3

White Choc Semifreddo NM $10.6 | M $9 (GFO)
Served with shortbread crumb & raspberry coulis.

Waffles NM $10.6 | M $9
Two waffles, fried banana, caramel sauce, ice cream & cream.

Italian Donuts NM $10.6 | M $9
Three donuts with a centre of blueberry jam & ice cream.


Lunch 11.30am – 2pm
Dinner 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Lunch 11.30am – 2pm
Dinner 5.30 pm – 9 pm

9am – 9pm


02 4325 9717


Please note limited menu available on Stadium Event days.